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Why I Didn’t Like The Bikini Body Guide

These days every young person is really concerned about checking their weight and they would go to any length to ensure they are in good shape. I live on a farm doing dairy farming so I have to make sure I’m fit to move the cows every day. I want to tell you about the program I use to get into shape.

Kayla Itsines has compiled ebook programs running for 1-12 weeks with each workout taking less than 30minutes. The price of her materials are quite expensive considering that there are no publishing costs compared to hard copy handbooks which could attract a cost to produce, actually to add insult to injury she goes ahead and adds two more extra guides and each going for $67.97 each.

This makes the program out of reach for most people. Also in between this there are other hidden costs that are disguised as necessary items that need to be used hand in hand with the ebook. According to research, most of the customers are not able to complete her program and give up mid way adding to the fact that the workout programs are shallow and do not deliver the required workout to achieve the desired results.

The Kayla Itsines bikini body guide is a 189-page book going at a cost of $69.97. This guidebook covers the initial 1-12 week workout cardio exercises. You are then required to purchase another book to take you through the next 13-24 weeks and pay another $69.67.

All this despite the fact that Kayla promises that we will all experience tangible results in one week, I’m left wondering if this is the case why do we need the program to drag all the way to week 24 if by the second week we are done and have desired results?

According to me, this is ironic and proves that the ultimate goal is to exploit the users of this bikini body guide. After you are through with the 24 week workout you are required to dive even deeper into the pocket to buy another H.E.L.P nutrition guide book at a cost of $69.97.

It doesn’t end here, you are still expected to buy another H.E.L.P recipe book at an extra cost of $19.97. Even after purchasing this book, as if you have not gone through enough torture you still need to buy other items that Kayla recommends that they are supposed to go hand in hand with the bikini body guide. This includes dumbells, a medicine ball, a bosh ball, a yoga mat, foam rollers, activity trackers and the list is endless.

In conclusion, one is left wondering whether the whole program is actually worth our time and money. It calls for us to do thorough research regarding information that we need before committing our hard earned money to the many enticing offers we get on the Internet. We need to be sure that what we are getting is the best deal there is in the market.

This has led to most potential customers opting for the metabolic cooking weight loss book, this comprises of a cookbook containing 250 easy recipes. When it comes to losing that extra weight which makes you not have confidence in yourself, this programs offers some foods that actually burn fat quite fast. Their recipes also contain very detailed breakdowns on the calorific values of the ingredients.

Unlike the Kayla Itsines recipes which are quite bad, the metabolic cooking recipes contain a wealth of benefits including fat loss optimizer cooking and nutrition guide, metabolic salad burner, thermal charged seasoning guide, supplements optimizer guide, cardinal cooking rules during actual cooking and even eating, they even go the extra mile to enlighten us on ingredient purchase suggestions.

Metabolic cooking recipes go for $45 which is quite fair considering all the benefits of the metabolic cooking. Other benefits include cooking videos that are quite informative and exciting, they are also to implement even to those who are not conversant with cookery.

This is my bikini body review and I;m not really sure it will work for everyone. I didn’t like it but i still used it to lose weight on the farm.

Bikini body guide review

As 2017 rolls over I’ve changed the way I stay fit! I now to more running and swimming to help my life and feel better with myself. Thanks to ehowtoshootabasketball and there amazing article life is awesome! Do you guys feel the same? Comment below if you do.

I want to thank all my followers and I hope with this update we will continue on to be fit!




What Are The Best Braces For You While Farming?

bracesBraces are artificial devices used in orthodontic that align and strengthen teeth. They are used with most people as devices for beauty and to improve their smile. The main use of braces is rectification, if you have crooked teeth a misaligned tooth that is an underbite or overbite then braces are the best for you. Different braces work for different people. Dentists always examine the condition of once teeth and decide on which one to use.

Metal braces

They are the most inexpensive braces for adults and kids, they have a stainless steel wire with a rubber band to put pressure on the teeth to hold them in position and maintain the alignment of the teeth. The drawback to wiring is how visible they are. Metal braces can irritate the cheek and gums at first. Once you get them on you have to check what you eat, avoid food that would stick to the braces such as caramel and gum.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces cost more than stainless steel version. They are white in color which makes them less visible. You can choose between clear ties, elastic or white metallic tiles. Ceramic braces are more fragile and makes them difficult to maintain compared to metallic braces. The ties easily discolor depending on the food consumed for example coffee. The dentist will replace them every time he or she adjust the braces. This makes the cost of treatment and maintenance higher than metallic braces.

Lingual braces

They are designed so they are placed to align behind the teeth. Lingual braces take a skillful dentist to install them. This makes them more expensive than mental and ceramic braces. This braces are not visible because they are installed behind the teeth. The disadvantages of lingual braces is that it interferes with the person’s speech since it is aligned with the tough and hence you have to practice on how to speak with them. They can also cause injuries to the tongue.

Invisible braces

They cost more than any other braces, as the name suggest they are invisible and effective to many users. The invisible braces work best on people who don’t have a lot of damage in their teeth. These braces are custom fitted aligners that you wear when you are eating or brushing your teeth. The teeth straightening process needs you to wear a different size of braces after every two to three weeks. They are the most preferable by people than any other braces.


Different braces work differently on different people and so you should visit a dentist to decide what ones are suitable for you. You should note that braces are not a treatment for dental infection or diseases. They are only used to adjust teeth to a desired position.

ceramic braces